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Does reading make one a better writer?

Answer: Hmmmm, let me think… You would never jump into doing an open-heart surgery without having seen the procedure done a hundred times, right? The same happens with writing. All the theory and technique in the world is not going to help you if you don’t read. You have to know your environment, who are the players, how good are they and what people are reading. Anything else is pure bogus. Whoever tells you a writer doesn’t need to read to be a good writer is lying. Through. His. Teeth.

In the words of Samuel Johnson: “The greatest part of a writer’s time is spent in reading, in order to write; a man will turn over half a library to make one book.”


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Is it possible to write a novel with only a narrator and no characters?

Answer: You can certainly do that. The problem is keeping your piece engaging. Character reflection can only go so far, and without action and interaction readers can get bored easily. If you only have one character you take the risk that, if the reader doesn’t like your character, you’ll ruin the entire book for him. Even memoirs and autobiographies include other characters.

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Is good writing more important than a clever or original plot?

Answer: It depends. “Good writing” is very broad. You can have great grammar but no voice whatsoever, or good technical skills but no creativity in your vocabulary. Anyways, the purpose of the writing is to explain and develop the plot and characters, which are the focal point of the reading revolves around. Mediocre writing with an interesting plot and good characters is forgiven more often than good writing with a mediocre plot and flat characters. At least for fiction, I would say plot has a slight advantage in the reader’s eye. After all, you will never find a reader that says his or her favorite part of the novel was the way the author crafted the sentences, or the amazing word choice. In today’s literature world, prose trends to be a complement or a secondary performer, not the star of the show.

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I’m 14, should I write a book?

Answer: Age is not a requirement to write. If you can do it, do it. I finished my first 100k novel at 11. That said, I wouldn’t recommend publishing it now. You are young, still have a lot to learn about style and technique, if you write a book today and come back to it in a year, immediately you are going to notice how much your writing has changed and improved. It happened to me, that book I wrote at 11 now ten years later is both my greatest pride and my greatest embarrassment. I loved that I was able to complete it, but I cringe just remembering some of the huge mistakes it had. Give yourself time to grow and improve before putting your work out there. There’s nothing more discouraging to a young writer than an audience’s rejection, and considering the fact that your book is going to be competing with hundreds of thousands of other books by more experienced, sometimes bestselling authors, you are definitely going to be at a disadvantage.

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heroes title

Hi, everybody!

I’ve been rather active this week! Finally getting the gist of this blogging thing (insert smug smile) and keeping up to speed. I have some exciting news to discuss as well as a new post series to introduce, so let’s cut the chitchat.

News first!

Heroes of Vallenthar, the Razvak Series prequel novella is officially done! At 40.5k words, it ended up being much larger than what I’d originally anticipated but I’m also quite happy with it. I think it’s a very nice prequel and I hope it’s going to be enjoyed by all readers of the series. Now we enter into the (dreaded) editing threshold, and in the meantime I’m warming gears and oiling joints to get on with the next big project: The Razvak Series book 2, Elven Princess.

Next week, with the launch of the website, more information will be available about how to get the novella Heroes of Vallenthar for FREE on its release day, March 30. Stay tuned!

Now, for the next bit in our schedule…

I’ve realized that I spend a fair amount of time engaged in writing forums and discussions about literature. All those wonderful pieces of my considerable expertise (*smug, smug*) are lost on the rest of my avid blog readership (of about 2 people). It’s time to remedy this sad situation!

So in the spirit of the three Rs, Reuse, Recycle, Reduce (that’s right I’m lazy AND environmentally conscious), I’ve decided to bring some of my outside contributions here for everyone to enjoy. To begin this series I’m borrowing a question by a user on reddit (whose name we won’t mention). So here we go…

Straight from… Reddit:

When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

Answer: When I finished reading Harry Potter 6 (10 years old) and realized I didn’t want to wait for #7 to come out …. Who needs Rowling! I’ll finish this my way! … and all that