Aspiring Author. Dedicated Fantasist. Romance Novel Slave… and loving it!

Arel B. Grant developed a deep love for books as a child. She learned to read with stories about the Greek Gods and legends of the mighty Hercules, loyal Theseus and clever Odysseus. Magical and mysterious, the classical myths enchanted her childhood, and from then on, fantasy became her primary love affair. She navigated through the worlds of T.A Barron, J. K. Rowling and R.A Salvatore; flew with the dragons of Christopher Paolini and Anne McCaffrey, and lived adventures alongside the characters of Middle Earth and Narnia.

She has been writing since she was 9 years old, and has experimented with both fantasy and romance genres, first as a poet and then as a novelist. Her books combine her two literary passions to create a wonderful, multifaceted type of novel, that presents readers with a more cerebral Fantasy, spiced up with the detailed character development of Romance novels.

Currently, Arel lives in the sunny city of Miami, in Florida, and during the day she works as graphic designer and photographer. She likes to imbue her books with the same attention for color and shape that she has as a designer, and always makes sure to add that same extra touch into her books.

As a writer, her goal is to make her passion for literature into a career and take her art to all corners of the world. Through her books, she hopes to infuse in others the love for literature, and inspire new generations of writers the same way she was.

Arel’s first novel, The Razvak Hunter will hit shelves early 2016, the first of her new High Fantasy series, Razvak. Look forward to it!


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