Book Launch Week!

Book Launch PosterHi, you all!

As you read in the title, it’s Book Launch Week! That’s right, next Thursday, August 18, 2016, the official Book Launch of The Razvak Hunter will take place.

I know it’s a little weird to have a book launch several months after the book is published, but to be honest, initially I hadn’t planned on doing a launch at all. I thought I would give it a soft opening and concentrate on churning out a couple more volumes before making a big fuss about the series.

Alas, plans not always turn out the way you planned them so… Book Launch!

Soooo busy! This has become a major undertaking and the work has been piling up to my eyebrows between creating graphics, scheduling interviews and press releases and organizing the event. Truly, the snowball effect can be a scary thing!

For now I’m working in a wonderful trailer (if I do say so myself!) that will be premiering during the event and I’ll be making public sometime next week. Here’s a sneak peek though, for all you curious creatures:


It’s been a learning experience because I never worked with Adobe After Effects before (nothing like learning some humility by realizing your own lack of skills!) but thanks to the amazing people on the Internet, I managed to come up with something I actually like the look of. We’ll talk some more about that next time!

Anyways, Book Launch, friends and family!

I’ll be bringing pictures over on Friday as well as some videos and the whiff of wine to commemorate this auspicious occasion. May it be successful and happen without me losing all my hair in the process.



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