Look Forward to: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

look forward

Ahoy, readers of mine!

I must say I don’t much visit the entertainment sanctuary that is the movie theater, mainly because not being able to yell my impressions at the characters and throw popcorn at the screen during the bad parts seriously restricts my self-expression. With this in mind, I normally wait until the movie I want to watch comes out on DVD, when I can get it at home and grunt, shout, squeal, giggle and bawl to my heart’s content. It doesn’t make for very timely reviews, but what can I say, I much enjoy my comfort.

Anyways, we are gathered here today to launch a new section: Look Forward To… Here I’ll be showing you guys trailers of movies I’ve stumbled upon and my impressions on why you should give them a shot when they come out. 

For our inaugural post I’ve taken the soon-to-be-released newest Tim Burton movie: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. 

What is it about?  

 The movie is based in the YA debut novel of the same name written by Ransom Riggs, which remained in the NYT best-seller list for 45 weeks. It tells the story of Jacob, a 16-year-old boy who goes to Wales to learn more about his grandfather, who was recently murdered, only to learn that he used to live in an old orphanage for what was known as “peculiar children.” In his journey, Jacob meets Emma, a girl with special powers that takes him back in time to meet the orphanage director, Miss Peregrine, and the rest of the “peculiar” children that live there.

Why you should give it a shot?  

Tim Burton is a name that is hard not to know when you talk movies. This writer and director has been involved with cult classics like Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands, as well as blockbusters like Batman (90’s franchise) and Planet of the Apes. Recently, his catalog has been bursting with the most interesting and fascinating movies that grace international theaters, such as Disney’s 2010 live-action Alice in Wonderland, which became an international box-office success surpassing the billion dollars in revenue.

Basically, you can trust Burton to deliver an engaging (if sometimes bizarre) product that is sure to get your attention. Even though neither Johnny Depp nor Helena Bonham Carter (two regulars in Tim Burton’s movies) feature in the film, the cast of the movie it’s still stellar, with actress Eva Green (300: Rise of the EmpirePenny Dreadful…) taking on the role of Miss Peregrine, and Asa Butterfield (The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, Hugo, Ender’s Game…) playing the young leading character, Jacob. Hollywood’s own Samuel L. Jackson will feature as the main villain.

A good premise, an interesting story, and a trustworthy figure in the director’s chair make Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children a definite must this year. It may not be the funniest, deepest, most astonishing movie you watch, but it’s certainly going to be something to behold.

Release date: September 30, 2016.   





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