Glossary/Word of the Day: Raia

glossaruHey, there!


Another one of our glossary posts, going live when we are exactly 19 days away from the release (February 29th!) of The Razvak Hunter.

For today’s issue we are going to take on a Word of the Day, one of the several examples of Elven language that appear in the book, and one that comes around quite often. You curious already?

Let’s get to it then!

raiaToday’s word is “raia,” the elven designation for The Sun.

Unlike the human race, elves in Vallenthar give a common and an individual name to all natural objects, from rocks to trees to stars… and the sun is not different.

While the common word for sun (aranth) is used to refer to the sun as a complement and an object within a whole or external topic, the raia form is used to attribute a specific, individual persona to the sun. It is used when recognizing the star’s divinity, influence or supremacy; when paying tribute or praise to it, and when directing words to it as if it were an actual being or person.

The “raia” form is a term of respect and worship, greatly used with spiritual and religious connotations.


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