Glossary/Word of the Day: Vallenthar


So, following on with our pre-release schedule (February 29, kids, remember!) today’s Glossary day. I’ve been approached about doing a Glossary several times and since I don’t think adding it to the book is a smart idea, we are going to have a mini web-encyclopedia to fix this issue. I’ll probably create a proper wikia further along the line to make sure all the info is nice and tidy, but for now, you advance readers get the treat!

For today’s issue of our Glossary/Word of the Day  section we are going to be discussing a little bit about the world in which the Razvak Series develops: Vallenthar. 


Vallenthar is the ancestral home that houses all creatures created under the grace of the First God Evandraëll and his consort Altarya, Goddess of Earth and Souls. The name Vallenthar literally means “World.” The legends about the land are many, and the history of it is old as time itself.

The Book of Beginnings talks about Vallenthar being created from the Empty Mist, when the first starlight pierced the darkness and divided it, giving birth to the First God Evandraëll. During his birth, the god bled the blood of the universe and this created a new world that was empty of all living things. A blank canvas for the god to paint in. For many millennia, Evandraëll dabbled and toyed with the land he’d made, learning about the concepts of life and death. He created creatures and races of the earth to populate it. Some of them of light. Some of them of shadows.

easiaFor most of its history, Vallenthar was torn by war as the races within it battled for the right to occupy the territories. Light Creatures would join together in one front, Dark Ones in the other. As blood was shed, and the two armies ravaged each other, the land cried for help to its father God.

Evandraëll chose an elf named Diogeress and gave him the mission to bring peace to Vallenthar. The elf took command over his people and joined the war of the races. With his army, he drove the Dark Ones north, cleansing the southern territories, and established an impenetrable frontier along the mountain range that divided the land into two provinces: Easia and Myrasia.   myrasia

Easia is where the dark creatures roam. Those with black in their hearts and who feed from the darkest of emotions. Those who thrive in pain and evil.

Myrasia houses the beings of lighter hearts, fragile beauty and soft demeanor. Those who bask in the blessings of nature and live ­as one, under the holy trees, beneath the prideful mountains, astride the luscious winds.

As long as they remain separate, divided by the barrier of the Border Mountains, there shall be peace.


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