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Hi, hi!

So… February! I can’t believe it’s here already. Knowing we are entering release month is both amazing and nerve-wracking. I have a couple of things lined up but the schedule of it all is pretty much nightmarish.

But anyways, you guys don’t want to know about that. Instead, let me tell you what’s going to happen over the next month, ok?

Well, leading to the release date of February 29 (mark your calendars, people!) I’m going to be releasing some weekly content about the book and the world in which the book develops: Vallenthar.

Here’s how it looks:

Monday: Teaser Day (We are going to have three more teasers before the book is live, the one today being the first in the line up. Each teaser contains a piece of the book so gather them up!)

Wednesday: Glossary/Word of the Day (Like any self-respecting fantasy world, Vallenthar has its own geography and languages. For the rest of February we are going to be learning some more about that, exploring the map of Vallenthar and learning the locations and terminology that you are going to be seeing in the book once is out. This glossary as a whole will be available as a single illustrated piece in my website after the release day, so if you missed a post, you know where to go!)

Friday: Meet and Greet  (Every Friday night I’ll be presenting one of the main character of my series, in ascending order of importance. I’ll tell you a little bit about them, their background and why you are going to want to know more about them. Look forward to it!)

The rest of my posting schedule, including the Straight from… posts and all other content I blog about is going to remain the same, so I’m not slacking off in that sense. But people, it’s release month, release month! Precursory measures must be taken!

Oh, gosh, so busy, so busy!

Enjoy your teaser and see you on Wednesday. 😉



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