Straight from… #3

 Straight from… Reddit

Is good writing more important than a clever or original plot?

Answer: It depends. “Good writing” is very broad. You can have great grammar but no voice whatsoever, or good technical skills but no creativity in your vocabulary. Anyways, the purpose of the writing is to explain and develop the plot and characters, which are the focal point of the reading revolves around. Mediocre writing with an interesting plot and good characters is forgiven more often than good writing with a mediocre plot and flat characters. At least for fiction, I would say plot has a slight advantage in the reader’s eye. After all, you will never find a reader that says his or her favorite part of the novel was the way the author crafted the sentences, or the amazing word choice. In today’s literature world, prose trends to be a complement or a secondary performer, not the star of the show.


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