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 Straight from… Reddit

I’m 14, should I write a book?

Answer: Age is not a requirement to write. If you can do it, do it. I finished my first 100k novel at 11. That said, I wouldn’t recommend publishing it now. You are young, still have a lot to learn about style and technique, if you write a book today and come back to it in a year, immediately you are going to notice how much your writing has changed and improved. It happened to me, that book I wrote at 11 now ten years later is both my greatest pride and my greatest embarrassment. I loved that I was able to complete it, but I cringe just remembering some of the huge mistakes it had. Give yourself time to grow and improve before putting your work out there. There’s nothing more discouraging to a young writer than an audience’s rejection, and considering the fact that your book is going to be competing with hundreds of thousands of other books by more experienced, sometimes bestselling authors, you are definitely going to be at a disadvantage.


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