Straight from… #1 and some more!

heroes title

Hi, everybody!

I’ve been rather active this week! Finally getting the gist of this blogging thing (insert smug smile) and keeping up to speed. I have some exciting news to discuss as well as a new post series to introduce, so let’s cut the chitchat.

News first!

Heroes of Vallenthar, the Razvak Series prequel novella is officially done! At 40.5k words, it ended up being much larger than what I’d originally anticipated but I’m also quite happy with it. I think it’s a very nice prequel and I hope it’s going to be enjoyed by all readers of the series. Now we enter into the (dreaded) editing threshold, and in the meantime I’m warming gears and oiling joints to get on with the next big project: The Razvak Series book 2, Elven Princess.

Next week, with the launch of the website, more information will be available about how to get the novella Heroes of Vallenthar for FREE on its release day, March 30. Stay tuned!

Now, for the next bit in our schedule…

I’ve realized that I spend a fair amount of time engaged in writing forums and discussions about literature. All those wonderful pieces of my considerable expertise (*smug, smug*) are lost on the rest of my avid blog readership (of about 2 people). It’s time to remedy this sad situation!

So in the spirit of the three Rs, Reuse, Recycle, Reduce (that’s right I’m lazy AND environmentally conscious), I’ve decided to bring some of my outside contributions here for everyone to enjoy. To begin this series I’m borrowing a question by a user on reddit (whose name we won’t mention). So here we go…

Straight from… Reddit:

When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

Answer: When I finished reading Harry Potter 6 (10 years old) and realized I didn’t want to wait for #7 to come out …. Who needs Rowling! I’ll finish this my way! … and all that


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