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So, it’s been a while since I posted any writing resources here, and I’ve been wanting to introduce this one for quite some time.

Have you ever wished there was a place you could go to have all your important questions answered? I’m not talking about a writing group or critique circle. I’m not talking about the place you go to discuss your plot holes, or the people you ask for advice about narration style, phrasing or showing vs. telling.

No, I mean getting real, hands-on, advice about the publishing industry, about the ups and downs of it, how to publish, how to edit, how to market. Overall, how to sell your books with your budget, in your terms.

Now, those of you who still think a Legacy or Traditional Publisher is the way to go should probably get up and leave now. You must certainly won’t enjoy what’s coming.

But for the rest of you, those who took a look at the distribution of rights in your publisher’s contract and decided there had to be a better option, I welcome you to Kboards! 

KBoards logokboards.com stands for Kindle Boards, and it’s a forum for kindle users and readers in general, with a wide readership and very active community.  Personally, I haven’t really explored the forum in its entirety, and they have a blog and Facebook page I haven’t visited either. To tell the truth, I haven’t felt any inclinations to do it, mainly because there is a small, teeny-tiny corner of the forum I just spend all my time in: The Writer’s Cafe. 


At any given time, visitors can find new topics in this place, ranging from covercritique, to pricing advice, to independent editors offering their services and promo reports being given. Sales figures, progress charts, how-tos and whys. Numbers, people! Those numbers that seem so terribly elusive in anything to do with legacy publishing, are swarming the posts and comments on kboards.com, coming from people with real indie-publishing experience and years in the market. Most users have links on their signatures to their published books, websites and personal communities for you tocheck out and anyone is welcome to come in and soak on the fountain of knowledge of this site. No topic is too outrageous and there is no dumb question. The Writer’s Cafe is, overall, a community dedicated to support each other through the ups downs of indie publishing, and to make sure no newbie goes out to the real world blinded by his own expectations of what it’s possible and what it’s not.

Indie Publishing is not a dream, is not a lottery and it won’t make you a million in your first year (neither will Trad Publishing, by the way). It’s a difficult path to thread and only the truly business-minded writers can handle the amount of investment in money (editing fees, cover design, promotion payments…) and time (never, never, never stop writing!) that this endeavor entails. However, for those brave enough to give it a try:



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